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One 2 one classes held in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Before the day, I’ll send you a questionnaire so that you can tell me a little about yourself, your lifestyle and what you want to get out of your experience.

I'll come to your home with food (of course!).  We’ll start with a tasting session and talk about your dietary goals in terms of health, lifestyle, tastes and culinary ambitions.  These might include:  

HEALTH: such as weight loss, optimising nutrition, increasing energy levels, boosting immune system or coping with menopause. 

LIFESTYLE: do you have fussy kids… a partner who doesn’t share your dietary goals… a crazy schedule?  All lifestyle factors, large or small have a huge impact on our diet and how we look after our health.

TASTES: we all have our personal preferences when it comes to food tastes,

textures and smells!  

CULINARY GOALS: Family meal mastery, luxury dinner parties, maximising nutrition, zero waste, creative free-from…

Kitchen inventory.  No matter how small your space and how simple your equipment, you can prepare beautiful, healthy food.  Together, we’ll assess your equipment, storage and space and I’ll give you tips on maximising your resources. 

Recipes & tips for maximising flavour & nutrition
A meal inspiration list 
Reducing processed foods, saturated fats and refined sugar 
Tips on boosting flavour and making natural ingredients ‘sing’

Eating for good gut health

A sample meal prep plan for fridge & freezer
A ‘set up’ essentials shopping list 
Advice on where and what to buy

Please note, travel outside 15 miles of Petersfield will be charged additionally



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