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Hello and welcome! 

I’m Jo, a plant-based Chef.  I live in Petersfield, Hampshire with my son and my Greyhound.


The kitchen has been my most happy place since I was a child.

I was lucky enough to grow up with two generations of professional chefs, who shared love and creativity through wonderful food.

I studied vegetarian cookery at the Cordon Vert School and started my own catering company specialising in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, back when 'plant-based' was a gardening term!


Later I ran a wedding planning and event design business for 12 years, in partnership

with my incredibly talented Mother - the Queen of entertaining!    


Ten years ago my relationship with food altered dramatically when I started to develop symptoms of chronic inflammatory disease and food intolerances. 

I was diagnosed with, among other things; fibromyalgia and arthritis, prescribed steroids & neuro-blockers and told to live with it.  

 I started on my own journey of learning and experimentation with nutrition and lifestyle.  Learning about the correlation between what we eat and our physical, mental and emotional health has completely transformed my life and my health for the better.

It’s all about what you put in.


From a personal perspective, I care deeply about animal welfare and take quite a spiritual view of food and nutrition.  But that’s for another day! 

Jo’s Kitchen is all about freshly prepared, great tasting food that also happens

to be high in nutrition and 100% plant based.


Happy eating!

Jo x

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