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I’m Jo, a plant-based Chef.  I live in Petersfield, Hampshire with my son and my Greyhound.


The kitchen has been my most happy place since I was a child.

I was lucky enough to grow up with two generations of professional cooks, who shared love and creativity through wonderful food.

My passion for wholefood nutrition was driven originally by the desire to heal myself of inflammation without the long-term use of conventional drugs and has evolved into a joyous obsession with the vibrant and limitless world of creative plant-based cookery.  

Quite simply, we are what we put in.  Our daily food choices affect every single part of our physiology and the way we interact in the world.  I’m very keen to drop the labels and politics that increasingly dominate our dietary choices.  Food is fuel that should taste wonderful, boost your immune system, help you live longer (and better) and of course, bring people together.


As a Chef, I’m obsessed with the flavour, vibrancy and the endless variety that plant-based cuisine provides.  As a teacher and a mother, my passion is around empowering people to make healthier choices by showing them that replacing processed and inflammatory ingredients with nutrient dense wholefoods is accessible, easy and exciting.  Our connection with how food reaches the table has diminished over the generations and I’m encouraged to see a new movement of advocates for chemical free farming and mindfully sourced produce. There’s a long way to go, but I believe that the kitchen is a wonderful

place to start! 


In addition to a passion for cooking and the unique joy that comes from sharing food, I bring extensive event design experience to Jo’s Kitchen.  I hold a Cordon Vert Diploma and spent twelve years as a London based Wedding & Event Designer.  We’re a family business - I’m lucky enough to work alongside my talented Mum, who’s provided beautiful flowers and table dressing for stunning venues like Kew Gardens, the Tower of London

and Fulham Palace.

From a personal perspective, I take quite an emotional and spiritual view of an animal free diet.  But my message at its simplest and without judgement or dogma is let’s just enjoy real food that’s prepared with love and tastes fantastic … Happy Food!

Jo xxx

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